Hard To Fit Contacts FAQs

If you need vision correction and are looking to eliminate the use of glasses, contact lenses can be a beneficial solution. However, certain eye conditions can make it difficult to wear regular contact lenses. In these cases, we offer hard-to-fit contacts at Vision Source Castle Hills in San Antonio, TX. To learn more about these lenses, check out the frequently asked questions below: 

hard to fit contact lens

What Are the Most Common Reasons that May Require Hard-to-Fit Contacts?

Patients with dry eyes, astigmatism, presbyopia, giant papillary conjunctivitis, and keratoconus may require hard-to-fit contacts. These lenses will help improve your vision and make objects that appear blurry at certain distances clearer.

How Does an Ophthalmologist Determine that a Patient Needs Hard-to-Fit Contacts?

In order to determine the type of contact lenses you need, our eye doctor will conduct an initial examination. If you are diagnosed with one of the aforementioned conditions, you will most likely be prescribed hard-to-fit contacts.

What Are the Differences Between Regular and Hard-to-Fit Contacts? 

One of the main differences between regular contacts and hard-to-fit contacts is the design. Unlike standard contacts, hard-to-fit contact lenses are designed to accommodate the unique shape of the eye due to a certain eye condition. Hard-to-fit contacts are made from special material that provides comfort and improves your vision.

Are Hard-to-Fit Contacts More Expensive?

Hard-to-fit contacts are more expensive because the lenses are customized and may not be available everywhere. These lenses may also often cost more due to the unique design, material, and customization requirements. 

Are Hard-to-Fit contact Lenses Comfortable to Wear? 

In general, these contacts are comfortable, but the level of comfort can depend on various factors, such as any eye conditions, sensitivity, and cornea irregularities. If you experience any discomfort while you are wearing contacts, we recommend consulting with our optometrist so we can help you find a pair that won’t cause any problems.

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