Dry Eye

There are many people who get dry eyes for a number of reasons and many things can cause this condition, including being in front of a computer all day. Since more and more people are working behind a computer or spending large amounts of time on their phone, more people can benefit from working with an eye doctor for dry eye treatment. When you need to see our optometrist, call us at Sunny Isles Eye Center in Sunny Isles Beach, FL, office to set up a time. 

Dry Eye

Symptoms of Dry Eye

Feeling dry is definitely a symptom, but there are many others as well. You might have icky mucus strings that come from your eyes and get into your eyelashes. You may also have red eyes, and your eyes may ironically water. Some people have burning eyes or eyes that sting or are sore. Patient’s might also get tired eyes that feel strained and overused and dry eye can cause people to want to rest their eyes after work because of their fatigue. It's also possible to get blurry vision from this condition. Having these problems can be very frustrating and can even interrupt your home or work life. 

Causes of Dry Eye

If you have this condition, there can be any of a number of causes behind it. It can be caused by taking certain kinds of medicines and it can also be caused by diabetes. It can also be caused by a person being out in the wind a lot such as a jogger who doesn't wear sunglasses. If a room you spend time in has a lot of wind from fans or too much air conditioning, your eyes can dry out and leave you with dry eye symptoms. In the winter, the air is generally dryer, and this can cause your eyes to get dry faster.

The symptoms of dry eye are caused by the tear film on the eye being made poorly or not having enough of it. Our optometrist on our optometry team can help you with treatments, such as eye drops and lifestyle advice, that can help relieve your symptoms. If your condition is caused by a more complex problem, our optometrist can take a look and recommend a path forward. 

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